BB14: Makers Trick To Save Rakhi? Nikki Tamboli Not Seen In Bigg Boss Live-Feed

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Viewers have been very confused as of now, the Bigg Boss 14 live-feed on Voot doesn’t show Nikki Tamboli. She is nowhere to be seen. Many started speculating that Nikki has been eliminated. Now her fanbase is claiming that this is all the makers’ doing. They are trying to demotivate Nikki’s fans so that they stop voting.

When Nikki was not seen in the live-feed, many started believing that she has been evicted from the house. Even many social media Khabri accounts reported that there were chances of Nikki getting eliminated in the Mid-Meek eviction. Some said that this was a voluntary exit.

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Nikki was offered Rs. 6 Lakh. If she wishes to, Nikki can take the money and walk out of the house. It is not confirmed yet, but the viewers are speculating that Nikki decided to take the cash prize and call it quits. That is why she is not to be seen in the Voot live-feed.


Nikki Tamboli’s fans are now calling all this a “Tactic.” They are guessing this is just a trick being used by the makers to confuse the viewers. Since the beginning, makers and Host Salman Khan were favoring Rakhi Sawant. Since Rakhi is getting less votes now, makers are trying to manipulate the situation and trick Nikki fans to stop voting. According to the voting trend Nikki is on fourth and Rakhi is on fifth position, but they do not have much gap.

One fan shared a video clip on Twitter and said Nikki is still in the Bigg Boss house. Nikki fans are urging everyone to keep voting for her and not fall for the makers’ tricks.

“Do not stop voting, this is a cheap tactic by makers to make their favorite Rakhi Sawant get more votes. Keep voting for Nikki Tamboli,” wrote one fan on Twitter.

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