BB14: Did Nikki Tamboli Quit Bigg Boss With Rs 6 Lakh?

 - Sakshi Post

As we all know the Grand Finale of Bigg Boss 14 is fast approaching and it will be on Sunday that the winner is announced. But before that there will be a lot of drama in the house and some last minute walk outs.

Right now things are a bit confusing for the viewers as Nikki Tamboli cannot be seen in the live-feed. According to the social media Khabri accounts, there were chances of Nikki getting eliminated in the Mid-Meek eviction. Now the fans are speculating that Nikki cannot be seen in the live-feed because she has been eliminated. While some are guessing this is just a trick being used by the makers to confuse the viewers.

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Nikki came into the Finale after Rubina Dilaik gave her Ticket to Finale. Rubina won the Ticket to Finale task but couldn’t use it for herself as she was nominated for the rest of the season. So Rubina instead gave her Ticket to Nikki. Nikki is one of the Top 5 of Bigg Boss 14, but this could be the end of her journey.

As it always happens before the Grand Finale, Bigg Boss gives all the contestants a choice. The contestants are offered a bag full of money, if they wish they can take the bag and quit the show. Nikki was offered Rs. 6 Lakh. If she wishes to, Nikki can take the money and walk out of the house. It is not confirmed yet, but the viewers are speculating that Nikki decided to take the cash prize and call it quits. That is why she is not to be seen in the Voot live-feed.

The mystery regarding Nikki Tamboli will be solved in tonight’s episode. If Nikki is evicted from the house, that will give us the Top 4 of the season. Rubina Dilaik, Rahul Vaidya, Aly Goni and Rakhi Sawant will be the Top 4 of Bigg Boss 14. 

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