BB14: Aly Goni's Total Earnings In Bigg Boss Will Shock You

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The viewers have been hooked to Bigg Boss 14, thanks to the contestants this season. The never-ending drama in the house has kept them at the edge of their seats. Many contestants garnered a lot of popularity and attracted many fans. These contestants charge hefty fees for staying in the house. Depending on the time they spent in the house, they will be paid accordingly.

This season as well, the contestants charged high fees and were paid per week. Every season we see some really popular and some not so known faces in the Bigg boss house. The salary or payment of each contestant varies, depending on various factors. Even for this season, there are many who get paid more than others.

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This season it was Aly Goni who became the highest paid contestant. His per week salary was way higher than all other contestants. Even the most popular contestant this season which is Rubina Dilaik is getting paid less when compared to Aly.

Per Week

The highest paid contestant of this Bigg Boss season is none other than Aly Goni. The actor charges 16 lakh per week. He entered BB14 as a wild card entry and became one of the most popular contestants this season.

All the other contestants are paid under 5 lakh. Rahul Vaidya gets Rs 1 lakh per week and Rubina Dilaik is paid Rs 5 lakh every week.

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Total Earning Of Each Finalist

The total earning of Aly Goni this season is a whooping Rs. 2.8 Crore. He has been in the house for around 14 weeks and this has been the total pay.

Aly Goni (14 Weeks) - 2.8 Crore

Rubina Dilaik (19 Weeks) - 95 Lakh

Rahul Vaidya (18 Weeks) - 18 Lakh

Nikki Tamboli (18 Weeks) - 21.6 Lakh

Rakhi Sawant (10 Weeks) - 25 Lakh

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