Bangla Actor Suvo Chakraborty Attempts Suicide on Facebook Live

 - Sakshi Post

After the Covid-19 pandemic started many actors went into depression being jobless and due to lack of opportunities. Recently, Bengali TV actor Suvo Chakraborty tried committing suicide after feeling depressed during a Facebook live with fans on June 8.  

During the live, the actor consumed sleeping pills. He also said, “I don't know, jumping from the roof, cutting my hand, I don't like all this. Finally, I found sleeping pills. Those who have high blood pressure have chances of getting a cardiac arrest.”

While his fans and friends got worried and they immediately informed the police about the incident. The police tracked him down and saved his life. Currently, Suvo’s health condition is stable. As per the police investigation, he had committed suicide due to lack of opportunities since last August.

Suvo has acted in the serials ‘Mangal Chandi’ and ‘Manasa’. Mangal Chandi is a mythological drama that also stars Adrija Auddy Roy, Sreyasri Roy, Shamik Chakraborty and Nabanita Malakar.

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