Arvind, Divya Fans Slam Colors Kannada: Details Inside

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It is known that in yesterday's episode of the BBK8 grand finale, Kichcha Sudeep pointed out that Aravind KP and Divya Uruduga's performance in the second innings was not that great. He said that Aravind KP and Divya Uruduga were more focused on themselves than These unexpected statements Sudeep made Arviya and BBK viewers angry. From yesterday they have been trolling Colors Kannada and questioning why they focused on the chemistry between the couple when they did not get TRP ratings. Yes, we all know that Colors Kannada and BBK makers would bring Aravind and Divya U to focus when their TRP rating fell. 

And Aravind and Divya U gave their best in the second innings too. If you remember when Divya U got injured in the jacket task, she continued to perform and won the captaincy task twice. Even Sudeep praised her for her zeal towards the game. Now, the audience feels that Colors Kannada wants to make Manju Pavagada the winner of the show, so they singled out and targeting Aravind KP and Divya U's performance and damaged their image for no reason. Even fans of other contestants are saying that Colors Kannada is being unfair to Aravind and Divya's hard work. 

They are slamming the BBK makers for using them for TRP ratings. Anyway, if Aravind or Divya U do not get the trophy, it will prove that they are TRP materials for Colors Kannada. 

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