Eliminate Aravind KP From Bigg Boss Kannada, Says BBK Viewer: Here's Why

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Bigg Boss is one of the biggest reality shows on Indian television. The grand finale of Bigg Boss Kannada is only a couple of weeks away. Bigg Boss Kannada viewers are waiting with bated breath to see who will walk out of the house with the winner’s trophy like a king. 

It wouldn’t be wrong if we said that Bigg Boss lovers have already decided the winner this season even before Colors Kannada or Sudeep. And by now you know that he is none other than Aravind KP who’s doing all things right and giving his best in every task. 

Aravind has been nominated for eviction several times, but he was saved from every elimination. Anf all the credit goes to his loyal fans which he earned on his own ever since he entered the Bigg Boss house. 

We all know that Bigg Boss viewers watch every minute detail and observe contestants closely. Looks like a section of the audience is not happy with the way he is playing the game. He seems to be commanding other housemates and appears overconfident in the house. In fact, that was precisely what Kichcha Sudeep told him the other day. While Sudeep heaped praises on Aravind, he asked him not to get too ahead of himself. 

On the other hand, Aravind and Divya Uruduga are behaving like love birds in the house, always sitting next to each other. 

Now, we stumbled upon opinion shared by a few BBK viewers who are now asking Kichcha Sudeep to eliminate both Aravind KP and Divya from the house as they are unable to watch them on TV. On the other hand, one of Aravind's hard core fans too has requested the same. But his reason for seeking Elimination of Aravind is different. He says that Aravind is unfit to be in the Bigg Boss house as he plays a straight game without any drama. He says that Bigg Boss is for contestants with cheap mentality.  

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