Anupamaa Fans Dub Episode Disaster, Hugely Disappointed: Here's Why

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Anuj tries to console Malvika in Anupama 10 January 2022 episode, but Anuj breaks down in front of them, condemning himself of wrecking Malvika's life. He hurts himself as a result of it, telling Anupama that this is why Malvika continues moving around. He goes on to say that Malvika has entirely lost her courage and power, which causes Anu to cry. The Shah family, on the other hand, is concerned about Anu, Anuj, and Malvika, who are not receiving calls on their phones.

While the family is concerned about Anu, Anuj, and Malvika, Vanraj senses something is off and decides to pay them a visit. Even Bapuji claims that something important is going on, or else Anu would have received the call. Pakhi is irritated that their party has been disrupted, and she expresses her desire for her mother and father to wish her first.

Kavya then yells that Malvika is ruining her celebration, to which Samar lashes out and states that a party isn't more important than someone's personal problems. Kavya continues to blame Malvika and Anu, but Baa intervenes and tells her that Anu is not so careless. Kinjal and Toshu then try to console Pakhi. 

Anu then urges Malvika to vent her grief and anger by beating a pillow, which she does repeatedly, tearing it apart. Anu, Anuj, and Vanraj, on the other hand, are stunned. They have a conversation about domestic violence and Anu says when will all this stop?

Fans have mostly appreciated the show for speaking on such a topic but the way it is going is not completely right. Vanraj being the one with the Anuj and Anupama in this difficult time is not making sense. Vanraj is the one who abused Anu and now he is here giving motivation and support. Putting him in such light is not good. Vanraj should not be there with the Kapadias offering any sort of help and not give a lecture on domestic abuse when that's exactly what he did with Anu, all those years ago. If makers are trying to offer a redemption storyline to an Abuser, then it is completely wrong and unacceptable. Fans are rather upset about this. 

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