Anee Master's Weekly Earnings From Bigg Boss Telugu 5

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Bigg Boss Telugu 5 is heading towards the grand finale. Just a few more days left for the contestants to impress the audience with their performance. In the eleventh week of elimination, Anee Master got a red card and there are still eight contestants left in the house.
Talking about Anee Master's performance in the house, she gave her best in every task. Her drama and fights with her opponents also kept the audience entertained. We can say that all the noise that she made helped her survive in the house these many days. But the fact is that Anee Master did not get much of a fan following outside the house after entering the show when compared to other contestants. 

Do you want to know how much Anee Master made from Bigg Boss Telugu 5? Then check this out. According to the buzz doing the rounds on social media, Anee Mater signed a deal of Rs 50 thousand per day. So per week, she would have earned 3.5 lakh. And if this figure be true, then between September 5 and November 20, the total amount Anee Master may have earned could total a whopping Rs 40 lakh. Even if Anee Master received a fancy remuneration for her Bigg Boss stay, we think she deserves it every bit as she made the show watchable all ths day by spicing up the house. Besides, one must not forget that she is one of the most sought after choreographers in the Telugu film industry. 

Keep following Sakshi Post for more updates. Meanwhile, the nominated contestants for the twelfth-week elimination are Shanmukh Jaswanth, Sreerama, Siri, Sunny, Kajal, Ravi, and Priyanka. 

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