Aly Goni Emotional Video Call To Family From Bigg Boss 14 Hindi House

 - Sakshi Post

Bigg Boss Hindi 14 is inching towards the finish line and we all know that Bollywood actor Salman Khan is hosting the show. 

Bigg Boss is a glass house where contestants are locked up for about 100 days. Except for housemates, they are not allowed to talk to anybody outside. In fact they sign a NDA before entering the house which also mentions that they will cut off all ties with the outside world as long as they are inside the house. In fact, even phone calls are not allowed. The only time they get to meet their families is if the makers of the show decide to bring them on the show on special occasions.

For Bigg Boss Hindi 14 contestant Aly Goni, it came as a surprise when the Bigg Boss said that he was allowed to have a video call with his family members for 10 minutes. And boy, did he become emotional? Aly Goni who spoke to his sister Ilham literally broke down on seeing his family members on the video call. Here's a look...

Meanwhile, inside the house the spat between Jasmin and Rakhi Swant continues even as the latter is expected to be nominated for the captaincy task this week.

Rahul Mahajan was shown the door last week in the special Weekend Ke Vaar episode. It would be interesting to watch which contestant will be eliminated this weekend. Stay tuned for updates.

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