Picture Of Groom Hooked To Computer While Wife Waits, Goes Viral: Netizens Have Fun With ‘Hold On Babe’ Memes

 - Sakshi Post

The internet is a fun place. Everyday people on social media platforms come up with new ideas to have fun. You might never know what grabs people’s attention and what becomes a viral meme. Netizens do not need much time or thinking to make a picture go viral and turn it into a hilarious meme.

Imagine it is your first night after marriage but the husband has certain priorities. A picture recently went viral on Twitter in which we can see the husband is hooked to the computer screen as the wife is waiting for him.

It is unclear as to when the picture was taken or who shared it first, but it sure sparked a meme fest. In the picture, the newlywed wife can be seen all dressed up and is waiting on the decorated bed. The groom is hooked to the computer screen.

It didn’t take much time for the picture to go viral on social media. Netizens started sharing the picture along with ‘Hold on babe’ captions. Some were related to games while some to work shifts. Everyone had their own version of the story to tell with the picture.

One user captioned the picture as, "hold on babe, let me finish my shift.” A meme dedicated to all the corporate people out there.

Another user hilariously took a dig at the newlywed couple and said that before anything, it is important for the groom to delete his search history. “Hold on babe, let me delete my search history,” captioned another user.

No matter what the context was, Netizens certainly had fun and made yet another meme. Everyone had a good time on social media sharing their version of the picture’s story. 

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