Picture Of Man Hanging From A Cliff In Turkey: Its All About Good Camera Angle

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A picture of a couple supposedly performing ‘stunts’ at the edge of a cliff was posted online. The man in the picture can be seen hanging from the cliff while balancing and holding his wife’s hand. Well he’s not exactly hanging but it sure looks pretty terrifying.

Now what is it that has made the picture so terrifying? It’s the obvious fact that the man is literally standing at the edge of the cliff. The picture has left everyone wondering, if the man was actually risking his life for a ‘Good picture’ or there is something more than the eyes see?

The picture was shared by user Shreela Roy. “Whats stopping you from doing this?” read the caption.

Here's the Full Picture: 

Well there is more in the picture than you think. Actually not ‘in the picture’ but it’s the behind the scenes of that photoshoot. The stint performed by the couple in the picture is not as dangerous as it looks. It’s just a very good camera angle and yes a very good photographer.

The picture was taken at the castle of Gulek in Turkey, a famous spot for tourists. The picture in which we can see the man balancing himself at the edge of a cliff has been taken at such angle that it seems as though he’s nearly in air.

When the photo was posted on Twitter, it sparked a debate among viewers. While many were thinking that it is the magic of photoshop. Some of them posted their own pictures from the time they visited the castle and pointed out that it was not a photoshop.

It took some time, but internet is fast and so are the users. People have finally figured out the secret behind that picture. A Twitter user shared the full picture of the cliff and the location, in the comment section. Guess what, it wasn’t even a proper cliff. The user shared the full picture while captioning it “All about the angle. Reality check!” 

Some people in the comment section shared that they wouldn’t want to risk their life for a picture. Even though the cliff in not that dangerous, it could still lead to mishaps.

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