How to Save Money on Train Tickets And Get Cashback

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You may be able to get a discounted train ticket as well as cashback by using your IRCTC SBI RUPAY card

IRCTC Ticket Reservations: The Indian Railways have been hit hard by the coronavirus outbreak. With the number of cases considerably decreasing, there's hope for travelers who have been confined to their homes for a year and a half now. 

We all know that train service is one sector which is only growing by the day as more and more people opt for it considering the affordability. The Indian Railways now intends to run more than 100 trains in the near future, following which the trains will resume normal services.

People have restarted their halted plans since then. If you're thinking about traveling anywhere, we'll show you how to save money on your train tickets now. If you frequently travel by train, this plan will be more beneficial for you, and you will be able to book tickets at a lower cost in the future.

In fact, most businesses collaborate with credit card firms to issue credit cards, which makes it easier for employees to make purchases. As a result, the IRCTC is now issuing credit cards. The card instructions also come as a warning against fraudulent IRCTC sites. This is a unique credit card that allows you to earn reward points for purchasing train tickets.

What is the purpose of this card?

When you use this card to buy train tickets on the website, you will enjoy a 10% discount. Additionally, a 1% transaction exemption is available when purchasing train tickets. This method allows you to purchase fewer tickets than before. When purchasing tickets, you can use your reward points earned through shopping in the form of reward points. Please be warned that there is currently no platform that offers such discounts on train tickets.

How to get SBI RUPAY card 

You may acquire one by visiting the SBI official website. If you currently have an SBI credit card, you will reap significant benefits. You may apply for this online, following which you will be contacted by a bank representative who will answer your questions. SBI is now offering this card at a discount, and there is no need to pay the joining fee.

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