11 places to visit in Liverpool after the lockdown in the UK

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Those who come to Liverpool probably do so to follow in the footsteps of the world's most successful band, The Beatles. But the English port city, which has rivaled Manchester, just an hour away, since the Industrial Revolution, has much more to offer. Whether you want to eat award-winning bread, spend your days (and nights) in the country's most beautiful beer gardens or play mini golf under black light: There is definitely a lot to experience here! We have the best places to visit in Liverpool for your first or next visit to this English port.

Stay at the Hope Street Hotel with a view of Liverpool

There are many beautiful hotels in Liverpool. Super centrally located and with a great view over the city is the Hope Street Hotel, which is located in the street of the same name. You will be spoilt for choice between different types of rooms, some of which are designed for business travellers, others for families. Included in the booking is an extensive English breakfast, which you can also eat in your room, just like other meals!  Currently the suites on the upper floors are being extended and partly equipped with Jacuzzis. Spending a rainy day in the Jacuzzi while you are looking at Liverpool and it is brought to your room? Excuse me, but it couldn't be better.

Enjoy modern British cuisine with friends in the Oktopus Restaurant

One of the best restaurants in Liverpool is the Octopus. Tucked away in Hardman Yard, it is a local and seasonal restaurant with fresh ingredients. The restaurant works with local producers, fishermen, butchers and bakers and offers a daily changing menu, which shows that English cuisine doesn't have to consist only of fried food. The most fun is to come here with a large group of friends and share as many dishes as possible. Attention: It is best to reserve a table in advance, because the Octopus is always well attended.

Marvel devoutly in the Liverpool Cathedral

Even if you are not a believer or have a different faith than the Protestant or Catholic, you should not miss a visit to the Cathedral Church of Christ in Liverpool, Liverpool Cathedral for short. The cathedral is the fifth largest in the world and although the neo-gothic style architecture looks as if it is already two centuries old, the construction work was only completed in 1978. By the way, the architect of the building is Giles Gilbert Scott, who also designed the famous red British telephone booths.

Chill and drink cocktails in the Botanical Garden

A botanical garden of a different kind: In the Botanical Garden, surrounded by lots of greenery and old vintage furniture and accessories, you can enjoy really good cocktails all day long. It's best to choose one with gin, because this is what the bar specializes in. Every Friday and Saturday there are DJs. Note: The Botanical Garden is only open from March/April to September/October.

Fried calzone eating at Fritto UK

The English like to deep-fry everything that is not nailed down. Fortunately, Italian Luca Sanvittore came to Merseyside in 2010 to study at the University of Liverpool and bring his passion for cooking with him. Since 2015, Fritto has been offering fried calzone and donuts in his mobile pop-up wagon, which the Scousers rip from the greasy countries. Such a fried calzone is of course best with lots of cheese, but vegans can also get one without it and the donuts are also completely vegan. You can find Lucas' car in the beautiful Kazimier Garden.

Store local products at the Makers Market

Every third Sunday of the month Liverpool hosts the Makers Market, where you can discover local dealers from England and test their products. There is coffee, sweets, hearty food, gin, handmade accessories and much more. The venue is St. Luke's Bombed Out Church, a former Anglican church that burned down completely in World War II and now serves as a memorial.

Eat the best burgers in Liverpool at Almost Famous

Hello Foodporn, hello Foodkoma: Who wants to eat the best and largest Burger in Liverpool, must to Almost Famous. Here you get triple cheeseburgers, fries with maple syrup and bacon and probably the best vegan burger you will ever eat. Everything here is highly greasy and delicious. There are shots with Jack Daniels and sour cherry or cocktails with tequila and pineapple.

Learn all about the world's most successful band in the museum "The Beatles Story

Most people probably come to Liverpool to follow in the footsteps of the Beatles. The still most successful band in the world (with over 600 million records sold) was founded in Liverpool in the 1950s and from there began its triumphal procession around the world. It's hard to believe that The Beatles were active for just under ten years and had an output of 13 albums and five films - and still influence numerous other bands today. The Beatles' musical legacy is hard to measure, and if you want to delve a little deeper into the work of the four scousers, you shouldn't miss The Beatles Story Museum, which has reconstructed various important stations such as the Abbey Roads Studios underground. 

Buy award-winning bread at the Baltic Bakehouse and eat thickly topped sandwiches

Great Britain is not necessarily known for its art of bread baking and especially we Germans have high expectations of bread. The makers behind the Baltic Bakehouse wanted to change this and have even won prizes for their efforts. In the Baltic Bakehouse, which you can find in the Baltic Triangle, a former industrial area of Liverpool, you can get really good bread, made with high quality flour and fermented for at least ten hours. In the small store on Bridgewater Street you can get different kinds of bread, sweets like Pasteis de Nata and donuts as well as delicious breakfast in the form of solid sandwiches. Alternatively, you can order two large slices and spread them on everything on the breakfast table. Good coffee on top!

Immerse yourself in British music history at the British Music Experience

Those who not only enjoy listening to music, but are also interested in the people behind their favorite bands will already know what an important part British artists play in music history. From The Beatles and The Rolling Stones to Pink Floyd, Queen and the Sex Pistols, Adele and Amy Winehouse, the island has been home to many of the greatest bands and artists of their time since the 1950s. At the British Music Experience you can walk in the footsteps of these artists. There is also an interactive area where you can learn to play drums and guitar for free. Perfect for a rainy day!

Black light mini golf at Ghetto Golf

You find miniature golf boring? Then you haven't been mini golfing under black light yet! In an old brewery in Liverpool's hip Baltic Triangle district, you'll find Ghetto Golf, a very cool miniature golf course with 18 holes and lots of fun. Local DJs will DJ to get you in the mood, and if you need some refreshment afterwards, you can enjoy Apocalypse Cow Burger in the beer garden next door.

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