Zombie Reddy Day 8 Collections: Teja Film Dominating The Box Office

 - Sakshi Post

Teja Sajja's Zombie Reddy is roaring at the box office. The film has become the second most commercially successful of this year after Ravi Teja's KRACK. The film success marks a major benchmark in Teja's Sajjar career as it is the debut movie of him. Zombie Reddy has proved to be a family entertainer. Recently, the makers of the movie have thanked the audience and fans for making the film a splash hit at the box office. It is said that the makers of the movie have recovered their invested amount in a week of its release. 

The film has minted another Rs 12 lakhs on its eighth day at the box office. The total collections of the movie is sums to Rs 9.52 cr gross. Check out area-wise collections in detail:

Nizam: 4L
Ceeded: 2L
UA: 1.3L
East: 1L
West: 0.8L
Guntur: 1L
Krishna: 1L
Nellore: 0.6L
AP-TG Total:- 0.12CR (0.18Cr Gross~)

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