Will Nagarjuna Say 'Yes' To Naga Babu Request?

 - Sakshi Post

Veteran Actor Naga Babu could be closely following the popular reality show Bigg Boss Telugu. That’s not all, Naga Babu might have impressed for Abhijeet's mind game and urging the audience to support Abhijeet. He shared one video clip on Twitter where he spoke touching words about Abhijeet. “ He said that ‘ I know Avinash during Jabardasth show and he is really a good guy. I requested all of you to support him.  

Although, I have a special connection with Avinash,I would like to see Abhijeet as a winner of Bigg Boss Telugu 4. When I first met Abhijeet, I was impressed to him, the way he is speaking and respecting the elders. Abhijeet is down to earth person. Abhijeet may not become a successful actor with the movie ‘Life Is Beautiful’ but he shot double fame with Bigg Boss Telugu 4. Everywhere I’m hearing about Abhijeet. What else star wants more than this. I requested all of you to support Abhijeet and Avinash, whether they’ll become winner or not secondary thing but I want all you to support them. I would like to see them at least in top five finalist of this season.

I will be very much happy if neither one become a winner but I want them to be in the top five finalists. No one has asked to me to support or talk about them but I felt I want all my fans to support them through their voting.  There’s no doubt, Abhijeet will surely lift the trophy of this season. Abhijeet fans are thanking Naga Babu for speaking a few words about them. Some of his fans are going gaga over social media. Naga Babu’s video has gone viral on all social media. It remains to be whether Nagarjuna will say ‘Yes’ to Nagababu's request or not. Can’t wait to know who will be the winner of Bigg Boss Telugu 4.

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