Why Nagarjuna's Bigg Boss Forcing Abijeet To Rekindle Relationship With Monal Gajjar?

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Bigg Boss Telugu 4 contestant Abhijeet has managed to garner a huge fan base for him. He is one of the strong contestants in the house. He became extremely popular and earned a huge fan following compared to other contestants inside of the Bigg Boss house. Abhijeet fans are making him popular by creating new trends on social media. He has escaped seven to eight elimination and garnered the highest votes of 4 cr in last week.

Can’t imagine, Abhijeet fans support to the grand finale. Last night, Bigg Boss assigned the task to Abhijeet and Akhil to take Monal to date as they have made her cried during the nomination process. Abhijeet broke into tears, he told to Bigg Boss, he can’t do the task. Later, Bigg Boss told Akhil to complete the task by taking Monal to date. Bigg Boss makers are trying a lot to make Abhijeet-Monal’s relationship workout. During the initial stages of the show, their relationship went really well.

After a while, When Abhijeet found that Monal is a confused person and doesn’t have any clarity about her relationship with him. He started avoiding her. Although, Abhijeet is trying a lot to be far from her but on every weekend Nagarjuna trying to sort out their difference and eagerly waiting to see them rekindling their relationship.

But, it’s not working. Last night, Abhijeet is seen sharing his pain with the housemates, ‘ I don’t understand why Bigg Boss is dragging me into Monal’s topic. I told a numerous times, I don’t want to have any kind of connection with her, why they are keep on dragging me in her matter. Some of the fans went on to say that Bigg Boss makers are pressuring Abhijeet to make a relationship with Monal to get solid TRP ratings. A section of the audience are trolling  Abhijeet when he doesn’t like to be with Monal, why he is talking to her by saying that ‘My parents are impressed for you’ I don’t know why and I’m unable to understand. Check out the tweets:

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