Why Did Samantha Remove Akkineni From Social Media Handles?

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Samantha Ruth Prabhu, who entered the industry with the film 'E Maya Cheshave', has been a star heroine for almost ten years now. Samantha, who also appeared in glamorous roles until before the wedding, has since changed her portfolio. Samantha okays a  movie only if the story has substance.

Needless to say, Samantha, who is on the rise as an actress and entrepreneur, is very active on social media. She is always in touch with the fans and keeps sharing every update related to her life. 

Meanwhile, Samantha recently removed the surname 'Akkineni' from her social media accounts and shocked everyone.

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Samantha, who married Tollywood King Nagarjuna's son Naga Chaitanya in 2017 after dating for years, added the surname 'Akkineni' next to Samantha in all her social media accounts soon after the marriage. Many praised her for changing her surname too. Since her marriage, Samantha has been referred to as 'Samantha Akkineni' on all digital platforms.

And out of the blue, just like that, the word Akkineni was removed from her Twitter and Instagram handles and her display name changed to just 'S'. There are many doubts as to why Samantha dropped the word 'Akkineni' from her surname.

The issue has set the tongues wagging on social media if Samantha had any personal reasons for doing so. A few people are even saying that the two are heading for a split. We wonder how the couple would react to such weird rumours.

When it comes to movies. Samantha, who has gained worldwide recognition with her web series 'The Family Man 2', is currently working in a Pan India film titled Shakuntalam directed by Gunasekhar.

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