Who Is Shruti Haasan's Boyfriend Santanu Hazarika?

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Actress Shruti Haasan has left her fans in confusion. In the recent times, many pictures with Shruti Haasan along with a man have surfaced online. The fans and media sharing pictures were eager to know who the guy was.

The first picture was shared on Shruti’s birthday. The actress recently celebrated her 35th birthday. Pictures from the celebration were shared in which we can also see Shruti posing with a man. It was later revealed that the man in picture with Shruti was Santanu Hazarika.

Santanu Hazarika is a doodler and an illustrator. He has shared many features and artworks based on shruti. On her birthday, Santanu shared a picture of them celebrating Shruti’s birthday, together. After the picture was shared, fans became happy and speculated that these two are dating.

Santanu shares his work on his Instagram handle which has more than 30K followers as of now. He grew up in Guwahati, Assam. As a kid, Santanu was not interested in sports; instead he liked drawing and took inspiration from comic books.

He later shifted his focus to concentrate on studies. It was said that Santanu enrolled in engineering course but after sometime, he decided to quit. It was a tough decision as his parents wanted him to have a professional degree.

After quitting engineering, Santanu took part in World Doodle Art Championship in 2014 and emerged as a winner. Santanu has helped many artists especially musicians with their album artwork. He even worked with rappers and hip-hop stars like Raftaar and Divine. He is now working on a project in association with musician, Ritviz. He is also the founder of Guwahati Art Project.

Santanu confessed that he met Shruti because of art. They share a strong connection and bond well over music and art.

Both Shruti and Santanu made no confirmation regarding their relationship. But the fans are excited anyways.

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