Vote For Abhijeet, Sohel: Pleads Mehboob After Eviction From Bigg Boss

 - Sakshi Post

It’s not very much difficult to recall Mehboob Dil See, he earned a decent fan following during his stint in the house. He became popular amongst the Telugu audience, thanks to his performance in the house. Sadly, Mehboob was evicted during the tenth week of elimination. His fans are requesting show makers to bring him back as they feel it’s an unfair elimination. The buzz on social media is that Mehboob might re-enter in the house. Probably, it won’t be possible as the show will come to an end in next month. Many of the show lovers know Mehboob's best friends in the house. Mehboob's best friends are none other than Sohel and Abhijeet. He is requesting his fans and followers to vote for their friends.

Looks like he started a campaign for his best friends Sohel-Abhijeet. With Mehboob’s support, Sohel will surely reach to the grand finale of this season. He won’t get evicted any time soon. Abhijeet has a massive fan following and he has been surviving in the house, since the start of the show. He has been nominated for more than seven times but escaped elimination. It is all because of his fans and followers. Can't he survive without Mehboob's support, yes, he can. Mehboob's support is much needed to Sohel as fans are trolling him for his slang in the house. 

Are you eagerly waiting for tonight’s episode, then, this piece of news is for you. Bigg Boss makers have planned a family episode for the audience. We will witness family episode in tonight’s episode. Don’t miss tonight’s episode. 

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