Tuck Jagadish Second Half Will Leave Audience Emotional

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Natural star Nani's forthcoming film 'Tuck Jagadish' is one of the most anticipated films of the year. The film has generated much hype amongst the audience, thanks to the film's trailer, teaser and songs which have received thunderous response from all quarters. The film will have worldwide digital premiere on September 10, 2021. 

Looks like the makers of the movie have started the film promotions with an intention to reach a larger audience and attract more eyeballs. 

In a recent media interaction, Tuck Jagadish producer Sahu Garapati spoke a few words about the film. He stated that "Tuck Jagadish is going to be a complete family entertainer for the audience. I'm damn sure, the audience would feel or wish to have Nani like son in their families after watching the film. If you have watched recent releases, we are missing emotions in films.

There seems to be a lot of commercial films. I'm not telling that's wrong. Filmmakers choosing different genres is really a good thing for  even the audience. Tuck Jagadish is a tale which is going to showcase family values. The second half of the film is filled with a lot of emotions, there's a mix of comedy also, but the whole film is a family emotional drama." 

After making 'Majili' which was between husband and wife, we decided to do the film with a top actor, then, Tuck Jagadish story came to us with a strong concept. As you all know, any film of Shiva Nirvana will have a lot of emotions. As soon as we heard the story, we thought to rope in Nani for the film. Luckily, he also liked the script. He further added that "We have made the film for theatres but due to sudden circumstances, we are heading to OTT."

We have been waiting for theatres to open up for the past one year. We wrapped up the film in December, hoping things would get better. But, there seems to be no end to pandemic. There's no clue when it is going to end. If everything went as planned, Nani's Tuck Jagadish would have been released long ago.

But we discussed with the team about the OTT release, they also agreed with our decision. Without their support, we wouldn't have been able to do it. I wholeheartedly thank my entire team for supporting and respecting my decision. Our main intention is to deliver the film to larger audience. It would take a lot of time to have a worldwide theatrical release as theatres are yet to open in other states and foreign countries. 

We are pretty sure, the audience may not get theatrical experience--be it audio or visual effects. But we have to adjust ourselves during this time. 

Next up the producer's sleeve is, Sahu Garapati is likely to team up with Anil Ravi, he is looking forward to making an official announcement about the cast and crew on the occasion of Dasara. He also clarified the rumors that Sahu Garapati wants to do a film with Vijay Deverakonda. But, there's no idea when the film would go on floors as the former seems to be busy with other projects.

By: Sarah Justin

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