Thimmarusu Review, Rating: Satyadev Steals The Show With Stellar Performance

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After a lull over pandemic shutdown, theatres in the Telugu states have been thrown open for business. Today being friday saw the release of the much awaited Tollywood flick Thimmarusu. The movie is directed by Sharam Kopishetty and  the story penned by MG Srinivas. With music from Sricharam Pakala and cinematography by Appu Prabhas, Thimmarusu raised expctations among the audience. The film stars Satyadev, Ajay and Priyanka Jawalkar among others in pivotal roles. So, is the movie worth watching? Here you go, Sakshipost's review of Satyadev's Thimmarusu. By the way, the titular character is named after Mahamanthri Timmarusu of the Vijayanagara Empire

Thimmarusu Plot: Satyadev (Ram) is an honest lawyer, who believes in fighting for justice. He is very much against taking bribes. A youngter, Vasu works at a bar. One night, when he is on his way back home, he meets with an accident. He notices a cab driver's body lying in a pool of blood. He informs about the murder to the police, who find knife in his vehicle. They file a case against him and he is awarded life sentence for murdering the cab driver. Obviously he has been falsely convicted for the murder of the cab driver. 

Satyadev resolves to help him by fighting for justice. The case takes many twists and turns. 

Ajay (Bhupathi Raju) and Ravi play the baddies in the film. They threaten Satyadev aka Ram’s girlfriend Priyanka to leak all the information in exchange for Satyadev's safety. Satyadev is not able to digest the fact that his girlfriend betrayed him. The second half is all about solving the murder case. How Satyadev gets justice for Vasu by overcoming all the hurdles forms the Crux of the story.

Performance: Satyadev steals the show with his stellar performance in the film. The actor has nailed it in each and every scene—be it dialogue delivery or action scenes. Brahmiji and Satyadev comic scenes are highlights in the film. Without their scenes, the movie may have turned out to be dull. All the supporting cast have done justice to their characters. Ravi Babu gets minimal screen space but the plot revolves around him. Thimmarusu is a good comeback for him.

Plus points

Satyadev's acting 

Interval bang

Brahmi comedy scenes

Minus points 

A tight screenplay would have made the movie even better

Verdict: Thimmarusu is a good watch for all those missing the theatrical experience for long now. The film will surely become a blockbuster. It's total paisa vasool. Go watch it this weekend.

Rating: 3

By: Sarah Justin


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