Tarak Anna Is An Enigma, Thimmarusu Trailer Became Hit Because of Jr NTR Anna: Satyadev

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By: Sarah Justin 

It's never easy to become a successful actor in the film industry. If you are one of those believing in this, you are mistaken.

Tollywood actor Satyadev has proved that anything is possible if you have talent, dedication towards your goal. Satyadev is one of the finest actors in Tollywood. Now, he is essaying a full-pledged roles in films.

The reason behind this success is his patience and hard work. If you recall, Satya Dev came into limelight in the Prabhas starrer Mr Perfect. He played a prominent role in the film Later, he acted in several films and earned his own fan following across India. Satyadev is all set to be back to woo us in another movie  Thimmarusu is slated for release in theatres tomorrow. The actor is busy with the movie promotions. In an exclusive interview with Sakshipost, Satya Dev talks about Thimmarusu among other things.

Was it your choice or producer's choice for Thimmarusu to have a theatrical release?

I never get involved in financial aspects, especially when it comes to a movie release. As an actor, I will complete the film without bothering anyone. I would love to see myself on the screen. Even if I am given an option to choose, I will leave it to the producers because they know what works for them. I know how much effort I'm putting in, but I will go with their decision if they want theatrical or AN OTT release as I want them to benefit because they are producing the movie by placing their trust in me. If I'm particular about a theatrical release, I will not push them. Obviously, I shouldn't because it's their choice.

Uma Maheshwara was a huge hit on Netflix, have you regretted not releasing it on the big screen?

I have no regrets because Once I take a decision, I stand by it. At one point, I felt it would have been nice if the movie had a theatrical release, but I earned the same name and fame. After hearing the positive response for Uma Maheshwara, first two days I felt bad, but later, I trained my mind. Once I'm out, I won't revise it anymore.

You studied engineering, but became an actor. How?

Since my childhood, I always wanted to be an actor. We can't easily step into the film industry. I took up a job because when we don't have enough money, we may have to make a tough decision. I worked to survive myself until I was well settled.

What's your take on OTT releases. Do you think theatres have no future in the digital age?
Definitely. Why not? OTT is parallel like IPL because people watch international matches and IPL. They have own their audience. I don't see it as a reason. OTT also has a huge demand for their own content like The Family Man and my web series. Definitely, theatres have a future.

With which top Telugu actor do you want to share screen space?

I would love to share screen space with Chiranjeevi. He is a big inspiration to many of the young aspiring actors.

One word about Tarak

Tarak anna is really an engima. There's a lot of fire in him. He looks like fire ball to me the way he carries himself and the effect he has on people. Anyone would love to sit and talk to him, to rub the shoulders with him to get some energy. Tarak anna is the ultimate reason for the Thimmarusur trailer to become a hit.

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