Sukumar's Pushpa To Be An Ode To "Smuggler Fall Guys"?

 - Sakshi Post

It is interesting to find out or think about what goes in the head of a criminal while he or she is performing the act. That's the reason, motive becomes an important thing in determining justice in legal procedures. 

When you see the same incident from someone else's point of view, everything starts to change. Filmmakers try to explore this 'other side' more often these days and actors don't mind playing anti-hero roles too. 

Allu Arjun carefully constructed his image as a lovely neighbourhood boy and even in his recent big blockbuster, Ala Vaikuntapurramuloo, he played similar role. But when it comes to Sukumar, he is known for breaking the mould and hence, he has decided to try out a rather anti-hero type of character for his Arya, it seems. 

We hear that their third film as a combination, Pushpa will have Seshachalam forest Red Sandalwood smuggling incidents but it will explore it from the smugglers point of view, it seems. Tamil Nadu people reportedly, called some of the smugglers "innocent" and alleged police were shooting villagers who know nothing about law to save several big heads. 

The truth behind it is a whole other debate but how Sukumar will present it and what does he bring out with his pov on the subject, will be interesting to see. Allu Arjun and Rashmika Mandanna are keeping themselves fit for the film and even attending workshops to get their respective characters' dialect, right.

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