Still On Ventilator But SPB Is More Active Than Three Weeks Ago

 - Sakshi Post

SP Charan, son of SP Balasubramanyam, has been the only official source of information for fans of the legendary singer to know about his recovery post the Covid-19 viral infection. 

The singer had to be shifted to ICU after he was admitted to MGM hospital, Chennai, with 'mild' Covid-19 infection. The virus attacked his lungs very severely and he had to be kept in ICU for weeks together. 

Many of his fans started praying for his recovery along with entire music industry of Indian Cinema. We have a good news for everyone. The singer started to take food orally without the help of pipes. 

He started sitting up on the bed for 30 to 40 minutes daily at regular intervals. He also started singing a bit. SP Charan shared these updates on 22nd September. 

He said that while SPB is still on ECMO support for his lungs to aid his faster recovery, he has been itching to get out of the hospital soon. He even started walking a bit while breathing on his own and Charan categorised his father's road to recovery as a long process that needs loads of patience. 

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