SS Thaman Gets Support From His 'V' Director!

 - Sakshi Post

SS Thaman has been one easy target for everyone to point out that he copies music from different composers and popular International albums as well. The music composer defended himself and said that he doesn't use same tunes intentionally and doesn't copy too. 

Despite that many trolls have heen going around that the music composer has allegedly copy tunes for most of his films. Recently, his BGM work for Nani's V has become the target for these copy allegations. 

His music for the film has been found similar to Ratsasan background score. Director of the film, Indraganti Mohan Krishna in a video tried to defend the composer and said that the notations used by Thaman and Ghibran are not same but the approach in instrumentation is similar. 

He commented that Telugu people stopped learning music as a part of our culture and this made everyone come up with copy allegations against composers even though they did not really "copy". He said that if they listen to similar sounds then think it is copy but the difference in octaves, notations are ignored by many. 

Thaman thanked the director for explaining and said that he couldn't have done it as well as him. But the audiences on social media slammed director for using musical grammar to defend the composer, when sound matters the most. 

They say that they can differentiate between a "copy" and "similar" tune even though they are not as trained as the composer or the director in music to talk about notations and octaves. 

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