Sreemukhi Reveals About Her Lover's Name

 - Sakshi Post

Sreemukhi is one of the top anchors on small screen. She enjoys an incredible fan following in both the Telugu states. She stays active on social media and shares what is going on in her life. Recently, the actress revealed about her boy friend's name. Yes! What you read is absolutely right.... During a facebook live, One of her fans asked about Sreemukhi's boyfriend. She posted a photo which has the number 420. Now, the fans of Sreemukhi are busy in decoding the number 420 and what is the meaning behind Sreemukhi telling 420. Let us wait and see what is going to happen in the future. 

Sreemukhi also revealed about her crush. To the question about her crush, Sreemukhi shared the photo of Bollywood hero, Ranveer Singh. One of the fans asked about her nude photo, to this, Sreemukhi shared Ram Gopal Varma's 'Nagnam' poster

Sreemukhi is not only one of the talented anchors on small screen but she is also a talented actor. She acted in various Telugu films. She also participated in controversial reality show, Bigg Boss Season 3 and emerged out as the runner up of the show. Currently, the anchor is quite busy with her shows and will also be seen as the female lead in the movie, 'Crazy Uncles'.

Here are some of the latest pics of Sreemukhi.

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