Sohel-Monal's Fight Becoming Plus Point To Ariyana

 - Sakshi Post

Looks like Bigg Boss makers are testing the patience of the contestants by giving different tasks to them. There’s no denying the fact Mukku Avinash’s elimination from the show was undoubtedly the most unexpected moment for his fans. All the housemates didn’t expect his elimination. After a journey of more than three months, there are six contestants in the house and they are fighting to win the Bigg Boss trophy. As you all might aware, anything can happen in Bigg Boss and the equation between the contestants will change in any moment. Currently, Sohel and Ariyana are making the headlines. The latest promo has gone viral on all social media platforms.

If you may recall, the equation between Sohel and Ariyana has been dubbed as a ‘Tom and Jerry’ relationship since day one. The latest promo shows that Sohel and Ariyana are all set to have an ugly fight between them in tonight’s episode.The recent episodes saw Sohel testing Ariyana's patience by destroying her mug, soft toy and others as a part of the task where the nominated contestants had to endure provocations. Monal thought to throw Ariyana’s favorite doll from the house.

Ariyana is seen saying to Monal “ Why you pretended with me. I understood that you are still holding grudges against me. She went on to say that, everyone in the house are hurt by your behavior. She told to Monal, you are just fake in the house. Sohel is all set to fight with Ariyana on behalf of Monal for not giving having humanity. Ariyana has a humanity that’s why she threatened that I could tear your letter but I’m not doing it. While a section of netizens is praising Ariyana for her raising valid points, a few others are slamming Sohel for his anger issues. Looks like Sohel-Monal’s fight is helping Ariyana's graph to rise.

Telugu top director Ram Gopal Varma is also supporting her and ask his fans to vote for him. Sohel-Monal are helping Ariyana to become a winner of the season. Ariyana fans are saying #StayStrongWeAreWIthYou. Some of them are saying she deserves the winner title of season 4. #AriyanadeservesbB4title is trending on all social media platforms.

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