Shyam Singha Roy Is Not Just About Devadasi System: Sai Pallavi

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Natural Star Nani's Shyam Singha Roy is all set for a grand release worldwide on December 24th in four South Indian languages. The period portions and Sai Pallavi's character from promos are increasing the expectations on the film. Sai Pallavi's classical dance number, Pranavalaya has gone viral.

The actress plays a Devadasi in the movie. "While reading the script of Shyam Singha Roy, I liked the fact that it is more about the psychology of Devdasis instead of saying how to do the character. I did this movie in terms of psychology compared to other movies," she says.

Sai Pallavi is one of the finest dancers. "Love Story is my dance film, I can say. I do not know classical dance. Rahul believed I could do it. Those who did classical dance in the song along with me were the ones with the most experience. I was so scared while dancing to that song. I am happy that people are saying I did on par with them," the actress said about the famous Pranavalaya song.

She also clarified that it is not entirely about the Devadasi system. "I have read in school about the Devadasi system. Devadasis were initially servants of God. It was later changed. We did not show them completely, we just took as much as we wanted for our movie. This is not a film made entirely on the Devadasi system. I'm ready to do a complete movie about them," the actress told.

Sai Pallavi is also in complete praise of Nani. "We do not have many scenes together in MCA. So, I have behaved just like how I have always been. Our characters in the film are so intense. The MCA comfort helped there. We used to talk a lot while performing those characters," she said.

She also reserves praise for the young director, Rahul Sankrityan. "He has a lot of clarity. He knows exactly what he wants and what he does not want in this story. The first scene I and Nani shot in the film is the last scene between our two characters in the movie. We do not know how to do it. But he explained to us with ease. We just followed him," Sai Pallavi revealed.

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