Shame Bigg Boss Telugu Say Netizens Over Avinash's Shocking Eviction

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Akkineni Nagarjuna is being hosted the Bigg Boss Telugu season and the episodes are full of high voltage drama. It wouldn’t be crime, if we said that, Bigg Boss Telugu 4 seems to end on a dull note. It is not a successful season like previous seasons as show makers are being partially towards Monal Gajjar as she is adopted daughter to them.

The audience will regularly follow the show to know who is playing the game well and who deserves to be winner. The most interesting element in Bigg Boss is elimination. Show lovers wouldn’t miss that episode as they will be curious to know whether makers are eliminating the right contestants or not.

While coming to the current season the elimination has happened in a rather unfair manner. This season, we have witnessed a few unfair eliminations like Divi, Devi Nagavvali, Swath Deekshith, Mehboob and Kumar Sai. All these evicted contestants are much strong contestants than Monal Gajjar. Over the past few weeks, show buffs are eagerly waiting to hear the news of Monal’s elimination but makers are continuously disappointing the audience by taking their own decision in saving Monal.

Last night, it was Mukku Avinash who was evicted from the house. Avinash is the best entertainer in the house, he became a household with his comedy antics. People are very upset as this looks like an unfair elimination.  Many feel this is the reason why TRPs of Bigg Boss is really. Mukku Avinash was doing quite well inside the house. As per buzz, Avians was the highest-paid contestants too. Now, Bigg Boss fans are trending unfair elimination to make their voice hearts to the makers. Check out the tweets:

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