Samantha 3 Tattoos Connected to Naga Chaitanya, Check Out How

Samantha 3 Tattoos Connected to Naga Chaitanya, Check Out How   - Sakshi Post

Samantha has three tattoos on her body. All of them are connected to Naga Chaitanya, her ex-husband.

ChaySam: Samantha and Naga Chaitanya, son of Telugu superstar Nagarjuna, have confirmed their split after almost four years of marriage, putting an end to weeks of speculation. The couple, also known as ChaySam, announced the news in an official statement from Naga Chaitanya, which Samantha posted on Saturday. They asked that their supporters and the media respect their privacy.

Fans were devastated by the news of the divorce, and the hashtag #ChaySam has been trending on social media for many days. Samantha, on the other hand, has Naga Chaitanya's name tattooed on the right side of her rib. This ink may also be seen in some photos uploaded on Instagram.

Samantha even has a tattoo devoted to her first film, Ye Maaya Chesave. The Telugu entertainer had her romancing Naga Chaitanya and was released in 2010. Samantha has always treasured the film since it represented the start of their relationship. Samantha got a beautiful tattoo below the nape of her neck that says 'YMC' as a homage.

Samantha and Chay also got identical tattoos of two arrows on their forearms. Sam’s is on her right hand. Naga Chaitanya also included the date of their wedding in this tattoo. Samantha had revealed information about the tattoo on Instagram, saying, "My tattoo means create your own reality. Chay and I got it together. It’s really special for us".

The speculations about the #ChaySam marriage falling apart became louder last month after Samantha deleted the ‘Akkineni' from her Twitter handle, but neither Samantha nor ChaySam addressed the claims directly. Samantha married Naga Chaitanya in Goa in 2017.

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