RGV's Ladki Trailer Will Be Released Today At 5 PM

 - Sakshi Post

Controversial filmmaker RGV will be always on the mission of making one film after another without worrying about the results. Several films are still in post-production stage and waiting for theatrical release. But, RGV is releasing one film after the other. 

Currently, RGV is gearing up to unleash the trailer of his upcoming film 'Ladki' in Hindi, the same film in Chinese goes with the title 'Dragon Girl'.

RGV and the film unit are going to release the trailer of the film 8n both languages today at 5 PM. The film is produced by Arts Media. It's RGV's tribute to the greatest martial arts film starring the Iconic Bruce Lee and Pooja Bhalekar in the lead roles.

LADKI is the first Indian film to release in China after the Galwan standoff between the two countries proving that martial arts and cinema have reunited India and China.

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