RGV Brands PM Modi A Clueless Himalayan Baba

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Tollywood filmmaker Ram Gopal Varma  never thinks twice before speaking his mind. He is controversy's favourite child. Be it for the right reasons or wrong moves, he loves to stay in the news. 

He grabs the attention of netizens with his tweets. He shares his thoughts and opinions on various issues. At times, he targets film celebrities and some other time, he raises his voice against public issues.

Now, in his latest tweet, RGV has written about Prime Minister Narendra Modi. He says that the PM looks like a Himalayan Baba moving around in the mountains. He further adds that as Modi is roaming in mountains, he might not have any clue about what's the real situation in the country is and how we are struggling for oxygen. He also stated that he is embarrassed to have a prime minister like Modi.

RGV's tweet reads, "He literally looks like a Himalayan baba moving around in mountains and because of that it’s no wonder he has no clue about what’s happening in the real world with oxygen and beds ..Am honestly embarrassed to have a p m who looks like this ..So sir atleast have a shave." Here is the tweet made by Ram Gopal Varma.

Netizens have reacted to RGV's tweet. A section of netizens have agreed with RGV, whereas a few people are saying that it is not correct to comment on the look of a person. One of the users wrote, "That's a completely pathetic statement from RGV. Such a low-class thinking mentality! He has no right to bark about someone's appearance. Going by his logic, people who don't grow beards are greater than those who had.  Better grow up Man."

Another user commented on the post thus..."His beard has grown more than our GDP".

A few netizens say that even he doesn't know what is going in and around the country.

Here are a few replies to RGV's tweet from Twitter.

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