Red Movie Review And Rating: Ram Pothineni Steals The Show In This Whodunit Edge Of Seat Thriller

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Ram Pothineni is back with a bang and how! His latest thriller Red is a thriller helmed by Kishore Tirumala. The movie is based on Tamil script Thadam by Magizh Thirumeni. Let's have a look at the production crew before we go ahead with Ram's Red Movie Review.

Red Movie Production team

Star Cast: Ram Pothineni, Nivetha Pethuraj, Malvika Sharma, Hebah Patel, Sampath Raj and Amritha Aiyer

Direction: Kishore Tirumala

Producer: Sravanthi Ravi Kishore under Sravanthi movies banner

Music: Mani Sarma

Cinematography: Sameer Reddy

Editor: Junaid Siddiqui

Run time: 146 minutes

Ram Pothineni latest offering Red is a Sankranthi release which makes it all the more compelling for the crowds to throng theatres with families. So what is the movie all about?

Red Movie plot: A youngster gets killed and the probe leads to the accused. The twist is that there is a lookalike of the accused. Will the cops be able to nail the real culprit?

Red Movie Review: The first thing that strikes you about the movie Red is the screenplay which will keep you engaged through the movie. And then you have to give it to Ram Pothineni for trying something like this. I mean we have seen several movies based on the double role premise. However, what sets Ram Pothineni's Red apart is the way the writer gives a new spin to the old done to death subject as this! The movie throws light on new age crimes. Also, it won't be easy for the audience to differentiate between Aditya and Siddharth even though they are poles apart be it the body language or behaviour. Yet it will take a while for you to familiarise yourself with the characters. Both are powerful for sure. Another character that stands out is that of the female cop Yamini played by Nivetha. Should I say she is a revelation? Ram Pothineni and Nivetha steal the show all the way and the last few minutes of the movie, the climax I mean, is the icing on the cake. 


A new spin to good vs evil plot

Gripping screenplay

Ram Pothineni



Female lead characters are weak

Flashback is rather slow

A few unnecessary scenes

Verdict: Red movie is a taut thriller which manages to have your attention from start to finish. The movie has all the elements of a good murder mystery with its clever plot.

Red Movie Rating: 4/5

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