Photo of Sri Reddy Sitting Beside Pawan Kalyan's Hospital Bed Viral

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Sri Reddy is one of the actors who never steps back from speaking her mind. She grabbed a lot of attention from the entire Telugu and Tamil industry with her accusations of sexual exploitation of female stars in the southern film industry. She took the names of top stars and targeted them with sexual harassment allegations.

It is all known that Sri Reddy doesn't like the mega family and many times she has criticized them. Earlier, in an interview, she said that the mega family members have been behaving as the acting heads of MAA. She further added that, "Chiranjeevi says that the legendary personalities in the film industry will go through every issue and solve it. But they are just there to showcase their authority on others and instead of encouraging them by providing the right platform to express their problems. I’m happy that my curse has worked and there has been a ruckus in MAA. Besides me, many people are suffering from their ridiculous rules."

Now, the latest is a photo of Sri Reddy doing the rounds which have gone viral. The pic shows Sri Reddy sitting beside Jana Sena chief Pawan Kalyan in the hospital. We all know that PK is infected with Coronavirus. However, let me tell you that this news is not true. Someone has photoshopped an image to include both the actors just to hype the situation. We all know that Sri Reddy hates Pawan and had even waged a war against the mega family. The photo is being widely circulated on social media.

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