Pellikuturu Party Review

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Young actor Prince Cecil rose to fame with the movie 'Bustop'. He earned his own fan following with the movie and Bigg Boss show. Now, he is back with the movie Pellikuturu Party. Here's the review of the Pellikuturu Party.

Plot:  PELLIKUTURU PARTY is a tale about a seductive younger sister who tries to sabotage the marriage of her older sister by going on a bachelorette road trip while being chaperoned by their reluctant grandmother.

What's hot: A lot of films have been made against the theme of Bachelorette party. It is rare for a bride to throw a bachelorette party before the wedding. Prince Cecil shines in his role, we all know his acting skills, Prince yet again proved his mettle leaving the audience awestruck with his performance. Aneesha Dama, Annapurna, Arjuna Kalyan among others have done justice to their respective characters. The credit of the entire film goes to producer A.V.R Swamy for financing the project.

What's not: The second half of the film could have been crispier, if not for a few unnecessary scenes.

Verdict: Pellikuturu Party is worth watching for the comedy scenes, and the on-screen chemistry that Prince Cecil and Anneesha Dama share.

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