NTR, Allu Arjun, Mahesh Fans Trend Delete Chey Bro Funny Memes On Social Media: But why?

Delete Chey Bro Twitter Trend - Sakshi Post

Delete Chey Bro is trending on social media right now. While we scratched our heads to figure out what was happening, a little birdie told us that it all began with a post that Bunny had posted a long time ago. Now, the issue has made a comeback and NTR fans and Allu Arjun fans are at loggerheads. As if they were not enough, even Mahesh fans seem to have joined the war. While we dig deep into this, here are a few funny memes that we thought you might enjoy...

To begin with, this is how we are feeling right now!

Somebody asked the same question on Twitter

And another answered​

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