Nishabdam Sequel Announcement Earns More Flak From Audiences!

 - Sakshi Post

Anushka Shetty and Madhavan accepted to be part of Nishabdam film after listening to the basic idea. Micheal Madsen, Anjali and Subbaraju came on board after they signed these big stars. 

Movie released on 2nd October on Amazon Prime Video and it got more slack than appreciation from all corners. The movie failed to connect with audiences as the response has been much negative than on positive side. 

Director Hemanth Madhukar, in his recent interview said that he will make a sequel to the film and the script is almost over. Netizens stated trolling him and the film team. 

They wondered if Anushka Shetty is unable to find better scripts than these to make sequels to such weak films. They started even trolling other actors with their feedback for accepting the film, in first place. 

Some trade experts opine that this could be a promotional tactic from the team to draw more eyeballs towards their film. Let's wait for official confirmation from Anushka Shetty or Anjali's team, on the sequel. 

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