Netizens Slam Bigg Boss Telugu 4 Contestant Abhijeet, Here Is The Reason

 - Sakshi Post

There’s no denying in the fact that Abhijeet is one of the strong contenders in the house. Abhijeet enjoys a decent fan following in Telugu states. He made his debut with ‘Life Is Beautiful’ movie. The film did pretty well at the box office.

Most of the show lovers believe that Abhijeet always stays away from the fights. Abhijeet has been nominated more than thrice for elimination. Luckily, he escaped from eviction as he is getting the highest votes compared to the other inmates. Some of the netizens are raising doubts on how Abhijeet is getting saved from eviction even after not performing well in the house. The buzz on social media is that there’s paid army who is tirelessly supporting him by voting for him.

A few sections of the audience are widely discussing on social media that Abhijeet always stays away from a physical task.He is getting trolled badly on social media. Do you know, why? In a recent episode, Bigg Boss has assigned the task ‘Racer of the house’. Mehboob emerged as the winner in the task. But, Abhijeet didn’t participate in it. Show lovers who watched the show are sharing their opinions on Twitter and are demanding answers from the show makers. A section of the audience claims that why Bigg Boss is not giving physical tasks to him? Why they're being partial to him. They went on saying that Abhijeet is unfit for the physical tasks. How Abhijeet will reach finals without performing tasks is the question. The answers are best known to the show organizers.

Recently, Abhijeet's close friend Sudhakar Komakula who also featured in ‘Life Is Beautiful’ revealed a few secrets about Abhijeet. He said that “ Abhijeet is a sportsperson. He plays basketball, volleyball and all kinds of sports. A few days ago, Abhijeet had a shoulder injury and that could be the reason, he is not playing well. If he hadn’t injured he would have won all the tasks. Probably, this could be the reason, he is staying away from physical tasks.

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