Netizens Slam Akhil For Manipulating Sohel To Win Ticket Finale

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Bigg Boss Telugu 4 winner: With just three weeks left for the Bigg Boss Telugu grand finale, there’s a huge buzz surrounding the debate on who would win the title. The Telugu speaking states are watching the scenes unfold with bated breath. Although Abhijeet enjoys a fair advantage over Akhil and Sohel, largely because of the massive fan base in his support.

Last night, the ticket to finale race has been completed, Bigg Boss announced Akhil as the winner of the ‘Ticket To Finale’ task. Most of the show lovers are calling it an unfair game because Sohel sacrificed it for his friendship. As you all might aware, Akhil is the most cunning person in the house. Sohel lost it because he is so genuine person and will never understand fake emotions which were made by Akhil. Sohel blindly gave up on Akhil by giving value to his friendship. Akhil is a very lucky person to have friends like Sohel but Akhil never sacrificed anything for his friends.

Netizens are slamming Akhil on social media for manipulating Sohel to emerge as a winner. Some of them are wishing that Bigg Boss would give another physical task so that they can prove themselves. We all know, it won’t happen because Bigg Boss already announced Akhil as the winner, he will to reach the finale if he survives this week's nomination. According to reliable sources, Akhil is believed to be have entered in safe zone. Check out the tweets what Netizens are talking about Sohel and Akhil:

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