Netizens Question Nagarjuna, Star Maa On Akhil-Monal Midnight Kiss in Bigg Boss

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Akkineni Nagarjuna’s Bigg Boss Telugu 4 is hitting the headlines for obvious reasons. Finally, the show is receiving positive from fans and audience alike. The real game has begun among the housemates and they are entertaining the audience with their performance in the house. Akhil and Monal Gajjar are the popular contestants in the house, thanks to their romance in the house. The buzz on social media suggests that Akhil-Monal have turned Bigg Boss house as a public park.

They two shared a great time and they whisper sweet things to each other a lot. They even confess a lot of good feelings about each other. Akhil-Monal’s relationship have caught the audience's attention. Monal is seen kissing Akhil as a birthday gift to him didn’t go well with a few sections of the audience. They are trolling Monal-Akhil on social media over their romance on national television.

The audience are questioning Monal that if contestants talk about you, you will say to them it’s national television. Are they are not watching your romance with him. When you know people form bad opinion if contestants talks bad about you. Then, the audience won’t get the wrong impression of your romance in the house. Some of the others are saying that please eliminated her as early as possible we are unable to see her actions in the house. Take a look at the tweets:

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