Netizens Demand Monal's Elimination From Bigg Boss Telugu 4, Funny Memes Flood Social Media

 - Sakshi Post

Bigg Boss Telugu has become the talk of the town since its inception of the show. You love or hate her but she is the most talked contestants of the current season. Your hunch is right. She is none other than Monal Gajjar. Last night, Monal is seen giving left and right to all the contestants, especially to Avinash. Many of the audience are really fed up to see her on the show. But, a few of them are praising her on social media for becoming a strong player with each passing day. It wouldn’t be a crime, if we said that, Nagarjuna has been supportive to her for a long time. As you all might aware, she is getting saved from every elimination is because of Nagarjuna and show makers support.

Looks like she may not have that much audience support. Yes, what you read is right. Netizens are trolling Monal badly on social media for her overconfidence in last night's episode. They are demanding show organizers to eliminate her to at any cost. A section of the audience are making funny memes at Monal, when she doesn’t have an answer, she will get diverted the topic. When it comes to her, she forgets all rules then why is talking about rules with other contestants. They are urging Nagarjuna to save Avinash and eliminate Monal as they are unable to see her in the house. It remains to be seen whether Nagarjuna will tell Monal to pack her bags or not this weekend.

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