Netizens Confused With The Faces Of Bigg Boss' Contestants!

Netizens Troll Nagarjuna For Bigg Boss Telugu season 6 - Sakshi Post

The much-awaited show Bigg Boss Telugu season 6 has been aired since September 4, 2022. The 21 contestants who have debuted on the reality show are yet to settle down in the house and Netizens have already started complaining. The ongoing season has got too many unknown contestants in the house.

One look at the contestants' list says that almost all of them are unfamiliar to the viewers. So much so, it is hard to even remember their names without a struggle. A section of Bigg Boss aficionados are bashing Star Maa for bringing up a completely unknown set of faces, resulting in a lack of high interest.

There's no way Bigg Boss can go back to the drawing room and make amends at this moment. The viewers are now left with no choice - they have to get used to the unexciting choices made by Bigg Boss.

Coming to a changed norm in Bigg Boss, the organizers have altered the nomination format for this season. The nomination process will take place on Wednesdays instead of Mondays. Let's wait and see who all are going to get nominated in the first week!

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