Netizens Claim Divi's Reason For Nominating Lasya As Funniest Nomination Ever

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Bigg Bigg Telugu 4 is giving a high dose of entertainment to the audiences and sources say that the show is getting high TRP ratings. The current episodes of the show are high on drama and the contestants are fighting amongst each other. With each passing day, the game inside the house is getting murkier.

In the nominations task, each housemate had to smear foam on two contestants they nominate and they should state their reasons as well. In this week, nine contestants are on the nomination list: Lasya, Sohail, Abhijeet, Monal, Sujatha, Lasya, Ariyana, Amma Rajasekhar, and Noel Sean.  Few of them expressed a valid reason whereas few others said some silly reasons. This has become a hot topic on social media. Divi nominated Lasya stating a lame excuse. Lasya and Divi share a good rapport in the house, the sudden altercation has hurt their fans.

In the nomination process, it was Lasya who first nominated Divi and stated her reason that “You prepared food well but you didn’t clean that kitchen area which I didn’t like, that’s why I’m nominating you.”

Divi nominated Lasya by giving a silly reason that “All are suffering with motions and vomitings because of your dal”.

Gangavva who is also one of the strongest contenders in the house didn't support Divi. She said that, “You all are eating when Lasya cooked and if you don’t like it, you should inform ration manager or Bigg Boss”.

Divi's reason for nominating Lasya didn’t go well with a few sections of the audience and people are trolling her badly on social media.

Here a few reactions from twitter

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