Netizens Claim Abhijeet Is Getting Special Treatment In Bigg Boss Telugu 4

 - Sakshi Post

Abijeet is one of the strong contestants in the ongoing reality show Bigg Boss Telugu 4 which is being hosted by Nagarjuna. He forayed into films with ‘Life Is Beautiful’ which was directed by Sekhar Kammula. The film ended as a huge disaster at the box office. The wider perception is that Abhijeet is not a familiar star for the Telugu audiences as compared to contestants of previous seasons like Sreemukhi, Tejaswi and Varun Sandesh. In fact, most of the Telugu audiences would have seen most of him on screen only during the current Bigg Boss season.

The latest buzz on social media is that there are several pages on various social media platforms that are constantly promoting Abhijeet’s prospects in the reality show. Some netizens are not shying away from insinuating that it is all done by Abhijeet paid army and that he might have done his homework to organise the army before stepping into the house. The social media birds feel that this could be the reason he is bagging votes in a heap from the general public. Abhijeet garnering a good percentage of votes and escaping all the eliminations has raised many eyebrows and set tongues wagging on social media.

According to the show lovers' opinion, Abhijeet hasn’t really impressed in Humans vs Robots task by kidnapping Divi. His behaviour in the show is also coming in for flak on social media platforms. Ever since Abhijeet entered the house, he has been behaving like a superior and throwing challenges at other contestants. He is also being called out for what they claim his ‘excessive show-off’ and attitude in the house. Incidentally, Abhijeet is one of the contestants who was frequently warned by Bigg Boss against speaking in English but he does not seem to pay heed to it. Most of the time, he is striking conversations in English with other contestants. The netizens are also saying that Abhijeet is committing a lot of mistakes but show organizers are just excusing him with mild warnings. This has led show lovers to talk that Bigg Boss show organizers are being biased in favour of few contestants and that they are planning to make Abhijeet as the eventual winner.

While all this stuff is raging on the Internet, Sakshi Post is merely reporting it and cannot vouch for its authenticity. Whether Abhijeet is really getting special treatment in the house or not is a matter that is the realm of conjecture as of now. Let’s wait and see if there could be any answers to these tricky questions as the show progresses into the future.

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