Nayanthara Charges A Bomb To Star In This Remake!

 - Sakshi Post

Nayanthara decided to rebrand herself after her return to films and this time, she built her market so huge that she is seen as an asset to any film she stars in than just a part of the cast. In common terms, she grew her market leaps and bounds to have producers dance to her turnes.

But this latest buzz about her obscure demand really sparks several doubts. Apparently, she demanded a sum of Rs. 9 crores to join the remake of Andhadhun.

Nithiin will star in the role of Ayushmann Khurrana from the original and Merlapaka Gandhi will direct it. The team is unable to lock an actress for the role of Tabu from the original. Nithiin's own production house will produce the film and they have been asking several popular actresses to star in it, as per the reports.

The latest entrant into the long list is Nayanthara and she asked producers to pay her Rs. 9 crores as remuneration to star in the film, it seems. Actors generally quote such high prices if they feel the market is worth of it or if they don't like the character.

If the quote is true, we don't know if the actress did not like the character or if she feels the producers will have Tamil-Telugu release advantage due to her popularity and wanted bigger share of the money, they can make.

Somehow, Nithiin is unable to find a suitable leading lady to act in the film, if reports are to be believed as actresses are quoting high prices or rejecting the film. What will he do now?

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