Nagarjuna's MasterPlan To Break Abhijeet-Akhil's Freindship

 - Sakshi Post

Looks like the latest fourth edition of Bigg Boss is becoming a sort of interesting show for the audience. Last night, the captaincy task between Akhil, Abhijeet and Harika was quite interesting. Netizens are highly talking about last night captaincy task. All the credits goes to Monal for making it a blockbuster episode. As you all might aware, Dethadi Harika became captain of the house because of Monal.

The makers of the show have released the latest promo of Bigg Boss Telugu on their Twitter page. The promo went viral in no time. Looks like show organizers are planning to break Abhijeet-Akhil’s friendship to get a solid TRP rating. Recently, Abhijeet and Akhil have sorted their difference with each other after the family members of the contestant visited the house. If not, they would be as enemies in the house. Currently, there are two groups in the house one is Abhijeet and Akhil’s group. If they become sweet friends in the house. Then who will survive footage or entertain the audience.

Akhil-Abhijeet’s nomination process fight on Monday became a hot topic on social media and it also got viewership on Monday. To continue good TRP ratings, Akhil and Abhijeet should be enemies that could be the reason makers are going to break their friendship in tonight’s episode. After they sorted their difference, why Nagarjuna is asking again has become a hot topic on all social media.  Can’t wait to watch to whom Nagarjuna will support Akhil or Abhijeet? One thing is sure they are going to become enemies with the latest episode.

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