Nagarjuna Shows Mehboob Who Is The Boss..!

 - Sakshi Post

Mehboob is one of the popular stars on Youtube. Currently, he is one of the contestants in the controversial reality show Bigg Boss Telugu 4 . Looks like stars are working in Mehboob's favour. You may ask us, how and why? Since the beginning of the show, Mehboob was into all the four nominations but luckily he was saved from all the evictions. Everyone thought that Mehboob will leave the house in the fourth week. All the show lovers were pretty confident that Mehboob is the fourth contestant to say goodbye to the show last week. Luckily, Mehboob got saved, Swathi Deekshith was eliminated from the show.

Recently, Mehboob used harsh language during the hotel task. The inmates had a heated argument with him and they also suggested him to watch his tongue. Sohel, the close friend of Mehboob in the house didn’t support him as it is not appropriate to use such language in the house. Then, Mehboob realized that he used such a big word that won’t even be excused by host Nagarjuna. Later, Mehboob went and asked Abhijeet, Avinash, and Akhil for an apology. They forgot everything and all were good during the captaincy task.
But, Nagarjuna is deeply upset with the Mehboob's language during the task. On Saturday's episode, Nagarjuna gave a strict warning to Mehboob and told him not to use those kinds of words. He lashed out at him and asked him, who is the boss?  If you behave like this in a real hotel, they will register a complaint at the police station. Mehboob gave a promise to Nagarjuna that he won’t repeat it again.

This week, Mehboob is not on the nomination list. If he was in nomination, show lovers would have made him get evicted from the house. It remains to be seen, how Mehboob is going to perform in the coming weeks and the biggest question is how long he is going to survive in the house.

If you are eagerly waiting for tonight's episode to know whether your favorite contestant is in a safe or danger zone. Then, we are here tell to you the piece of information we got from sources. This week nine contestants have been nominated, all of them are going to enter into safe zone except Sujatha. She is going to face elimination in tonight’s episode. Stay tuned to Sakshi Post for more updates.

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