Naandi, Chakra, Pogaru and Kapatadhaari Latest Box Office Collections

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Looks like 2021 could be the best year for our Telugu stars. Ever since the government has allowed to open the theatres with 50 per cent occupancy, several filmmakers are announcing the release date of the films. In just two months, eight to ten movies were released in Tollywood. Most of them have become major hits at the box office.

If you take a look, Ravi Teja's KRACK, Pradeep's 30 Rojullo Preminchadam Ela, Teja Sajja's Zombi Reddy, Vaishnav Tej's Uppena and Allari Naresh's Naandi have declared blockbuster hits at the box office.

Last week, four new movies were released Allari Naresh starring Naandi, Vishna's Chakra, Dhruva's Pogaru and Sumanth's Kapatadhaari. All four movies opened to mixed response from several quarters. It is worth mentioning here that Allari Naresh's Naandi is going steady at the box office. The other movies are doing decent business in domestic and foreign countries too.

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