Mukku Avinash Sensational Comments On Monal Gajjar

 - Sakshi Post

Looks like Bigg Boss makers are testing the patience of the contestants by giving different tasks to them. There’s no denying the fact Mukku Avinash’s elimination from the show was undoubtedly the most unexpected moment for his fans.

All the housemates didn’t except his elimination. He revealed a few interesting facts about Monal Gajjar who used to be his strong rival in the house. He stated that’ Monal is the weakest contestant compared to me. I gave 100 percent in all the tasks and I entertained the audience with my comedy antics.

But, I never got the tag ‘worst performer’ from housemates or the host of the show Nagarjuna. He further compared Monal with Kattappa how she deceives their friends in the house. Monal is the only reason for Abhijeet and Akhil to get clash, if not they used to be good friends. Monal will never try to take a stand, if she talks the issues will get sort in no time. She knows everything that’s happening in the house between Akhil and Abhijeet but she will never talk to anyone. She wants people to fight for her that’s her glam plan. He is regretting for not being in the top five finalists of this season".

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