Mukku Avinash Brother's Sensational Comments On Abhijeet

Avinash Brother Comments On Abhijeet - Sakshi Post

Abhijeet has always been a hot topic inside the house. Whether you hear Bigg Boss voice in the episodes or not but Bigg Boss cameras can’t ignore Abijeet’s appearance. Conversations, tasks, fights or gossips, all seem to be around this super charming personality. As humans can't live without water, correspondingly, Bigg Boss Telugu 4 can't be completed without Abhijeet. He is not playing dirty games or doing politics. He is being himself, which makes him the strongest contestant in Bigg Boss Telugu 4 house.

Even, he is not convincing any Bigg Boss contestants to play according to his way, because he respects everybody's game plan and he knows he can be Bigg Boss Telugu 4 winner without playing dirty politics. He stands for women power and he considers them far more superior than men. A house like Bigg Boss where friendship changes with time, but in Abhijeets case, he has proved time and again that he will maintain his friendship forever.

Recently, Mukku Avinash was evicted from the house and his brother Ajay’s made some sensational comments on Abhijeet. He stated to news portals that “ I just don’t understand how people are voting for Abhijeet. There are many strong contestants in the house compared to Abhijeet. He never performs any tasks in the house. The Humans vs Robots made him popular in Telugu states except that he didn't do any task perfectly”. Later, he spoke about his brother (Mukku Avinash) he always flirts with girls to entertaining them but he doesn’t have any kind of different thoughts.  I had wished to see my brother in the top five finalists of the season but it didn’t happen as the show may not be for comedians”.

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